January 9, 2015 - Pipe Cleaning System Removed Tuberculation, Corrosion, Biofilms and Tar-based Liners

2014 project highlights for the Tomahawk™ System can be found in the above titled article published by Trenchless Technology.  The highlights include;
  • Removing tuberculation and bitumen linings from 6" and 8" cast iron (CI) pipe under same day return to service conditions with no service bypass installed.
  • Removing biofilms and deposits from cement mortar lined (CML) pipe followed by drying the cement in preparation for a spray applied polymer relining.
  • Cleaning and preparing unlined CI pipe with up to 40% tuberculation.
  • Cleaning and preparing unlined CI pipe under a railway bed.
To view the full article click here.
Dec 2014 TT article
Let Tomahawk™ be your pipe cleaning and preparation solution for your next trenchless watermain rehab project. For more information please contact Jacqui at (800) 267-9810.

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