May 6, 2016 - CUI Article - Cleaning To Lining: Envirologics Takes Tomahawk To Next Step

The Tomahawk™ System is once again featured in the Canadian Underground Infrastructure (CUI) magazine.  This new article touches on the state of our water infrastructure and how the Tomahawk™ System can be a solution to many of the issues facing most municipalities and water utilities.

The article discusses the evolution of Tomahawk as a watermain cleaning technology and how it continues to evolve through the addition of a proprietary, low cost, barrier coat application.  The Tomahawk airborne lining application will improve water quality and flow rates while extending the pipes life by decades. To view this article, please click on the picture below. 
CUI March 2016 Thumb
To view this article on the Canadian Underground Infrastructure website, please click here.  You will find the article on page 30. 
Check back with us soon as we continue to expand Tomahawk's capabilities.  For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (800) 267-9810.  

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