August 15, 2016 - Tomahawk Meets and Exceeds Newly Released ASTM 3182 for SIPP

The innovative Tomahawk™ process utilizes an airstream generated by standard vac trucks and airborne abrasives to remove internal tuberculation, corrosion and old lining materials such as bitumen and coal tar from old deteriorated water mains. The process quickly dries and prepares the pipe for immediate liner application and promotes excellent bond to the pipe wall. The Tomahawk Scout™ can be utilized to target clean around crucial areas such as service connections to promote the highest possible bond ensuring a long-term, leak-free connection.

Target cleaning service connection

The Tomahawk™ pipe preparation process meets and exceeds the pipe preparation requirements for the newly released (June 2016) ASTM F3182-16 “Standard Practice for the Application of Spray-Applied Polymeric Liners Inside Pipelines for Potable Water”.

Under section 7.6, Pipeline Cleaning and Preparation, ASTM F3182 states;

ASTM 3182 quote

To learn more about how Tomahawk™ is able to meet or exceed these requirements, check out the Tomahawk™ System by clicking here and the target cleaning ability of the Tomahawk Scout™ by clicking here, or by calling us at 1-800-267-9810.

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