October 2016 - Envirologics Welcomes Gilbert Group as Tomahawk System Licensee

In August of 2016, The Gilbert Group with headquarters located in Chicoutimi, Quebec, signed on as a Tomahawk™ System licensee offering trenchless water main rehabilitation services in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario.  The company will begin offering the innovative Tomahawk™ airborne lining services in 2017.

The Gilbert Group is a family-owned Canadian company founded in 1957 with over 800 employees. Visit their website at www.groupegilbert.com.  To watch the Gilbert Group's 5 minute promotional video on YouTube click here, and to download a Tomahawk™ brochure, click here.

The Tomahawk™ System is used to clean and restore deteriorated water mains up to SSPC-SP6/NACE No. 3 equivalent surface using abrasives in a high-volume, low-pressure airstream in preparation for lining while using little to no water.  Immediately following cleaning and preparation, the Tomahawk airborne lining process uses a high-volume, low-pressure airstream and aerodynamically engineered devices to deliver lining material to the pipe walls for a continuous AWWA class I barrier coating.  Developed in association with the Center for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies at the University of Waterloo, this method provides a low cost trenchless solution for rehabilitating aged water mains. The application restores water quality, flow capacity and also prevents further interior pipe corrosion.  For more information about the Tomahawk™ System, please visit www.tomahawksystem.ca

To speak to a Gilbert Group representative, please call Stephane Joseph at 514-830-1865 or Louis Gilbert at 438-823-9997, or contact by email by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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