July 24, 2017 – Tomahawk Cleans Watermains in London, England

Envirologics partnered with Panton McLeod of the United Kingdom to demonstrate the Tomahawk pipe cleaning system in London for the Thames Water utility. 

Tomahawk in London

Above, Big Ben welcomes Tomahawk™ System to London, England for its European premier.

The pipes cleaned were 4” cast iron watermains, circa 1889.  Tomahawk successfully displayed its “best in class” cleaning and preparation capability to several UK based applicators and utilities.  The pipe sections were cleaned, prepared and inspected in 2 to 3 hours per pipe section.  Following pipe cleaning, the watermain was lined using a Sprayed in Place Pipe (SIPP) process.

London UK BeforeLondon UK after

Above left, 4" tuberculated watermain before cleaning. Above right, "best in class" surface preparation by Tomahawk for superior long-term, leak-free liner application.

Panton McLeod is a UK based Tomahawk™ System service provider with headquarters located in Tweedbank. Panton McLeod is dedicated to supporting their clients to protect, maintain and improve water quality within drinking water treatment and distribution systems. They offer inspection, cleaning, disinfection, and pipeline commissioning services of potable water assets. The acquiring of the Tomahawk technology will increase their pipeline cleaning and rehabilitation capability.

For more information about Panton McLeod or to contact them, please visit their website at www.pantonmcleod.co.uk.


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