August 22, 2018 - Tomahawk Cleans and Lines Watermains in Alma, Quebec

Pre-Project Condition:

This project contained both 150mm (6”) and 200mm (8”) pipe on a dead end street which was experiencing water quality issues. The watermain required a water blow-off to reduce red water and maintain chlorine levels. Moderate internal pipe deposits had negative impact on water flow rates
Alma 1 Alma 2
Pictures: Above left, Avenue Dollard during cleaning and lining operations, above right, lining equipment set-up in access pit by Gilbert Group crew.

Project Details

Location: Avenue Dollard and Rue St. Albert, Alma, Quebec
Tomahawk Licensee: Logistique Saint-Laurent Inc., Gilbert Group, Chicoutimi, QC
Pipe Size, Material: 150mm (6") and 200mm (8”), cast iron
Total Length: 330m
Pipe Age: More than 60 years
Cleaning Technology: Tomahawk™ System
Lining Technology: Tomahawk airborne lining, BluKote™
Results: The red water cleared up and chlorine residuals improved significantly immediately following return to service. The water blow-off was discontinued saving thousands of gallons of clean water per week.  Water flow rate through the pipe was improved and the pipe's useable life was extended by decades.
Alma Before Cleaning Alma After cleaning Alma After Lining
Pictures: Above left, watermain before cleaning, center, after cleaning with Tomahawk, right, after lining with Tomahawk BluKote™.
For more information about Tomahawk cleaning and lining, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-800-267-9810.

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