January 7, 2014 - "Cleaning of Pressure Pipes with Novel Technology - The Importance of Long-Term Bond"

Envirologics is pleased to release a technical paper co-authored by Randall Cooper of Envirologics and Dr. Mark Knight of the University of Waterloo that was presented in June at the 2013 ASCE Pipelines Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. The paper presents the case for proper pipe cleaning and preparation to achieve liner bond during pressure pipe renewal to ensure long term, leak free performance.  Current state of the art cleaning technologies are mentioned with an emphasis on the advantages of Envirologics' novel Tomahawk™ System.  A Tomahawk™ case study reveals real world cleaning, preparation and bond results.
For more information on our Tomahawk™ pipe cleaning and preparation system, review our Tomahawk System page or call us at (800) 267-9810.

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